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There are two types of organizations in this world:

Those who create authentic, meaningful, and original content and those who don't. 

Clubsoda Productions supports those who DO. 

AUTHENTICITY IS CONTAGIOUS. In order for your storytelling initiatives to work you have to believe the person on camera. Clubsoda Productions is the only full-service photo and video production agency capable of realizing an authentic vision without shining lights in your face, telling you what to say, or rolling up with a bunch of PR tweaked soundbites that sound like a robot. We are 100% dedicated to creating one of a kind photography and video assets that mean something. Our process looks something like this:

  • START WITH CURIOSITY - who are you, what do you do, why do you do it, what do you want to be when you grow up, what keeps you up at night, and what did you have for breakfast?

  • WRITE THE SCRIPT - find strong narrative and visual components that are unique and relevant

  • PITCH MODULAR SOCIAL CONCEPTS - instead of being taken by surprise by future social wants, why not produce a series of videos from the same shoot?  

  • CAPTURE NATURAL MOMENTS - engage you to be yourself

  • ORGANIZE - know your footage inside and out so that we can always recommend the best clips

  • ITERATE - squeeze it until it sings 

  • DELIVER - an authentic documentary and/or a series of strategic visual assets


Creative Director/Owner

Henry Dombey began his study of light, composition, and story-telling as a photographer and photo-journalist. He got his 'masters' in business and culture working as a chef, and found the perfect culmination for his curiosity and creativity as a film-maker. Henry started Clubsoda Productions in 2010 and is fascinated and compelled with every step of this crazy process. When he's not running Clubsoda he works on the family business: Plate and Camera Productions and tries to spend as much time as possible with his family.



Steve Agnos has been telling stories since he learned to talk. At first, his preferred format of choice were telling stories by writing and drawing comic books. These would evolve into storyboards for his preferred method of telling stories: film. He graduated San Francisco State University with a degree in Creative Writing and learned to make films on the job at an SF marketing agency called Dial House, where he co-produced films including micro documentaries for STP. In his free time he makes viral environmental hits like How Wolves Change Rivers and The Story of the Chinese Farmer

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Musical director/composer

Nick Gage has been scoring and composing for video and stage for over 10 years. Equally fluent in custom lyric based songs, and instrumental classical scoring. He is a multi-instrumentalist/engineer able to create soaring acoustic soundscapes and modern electronic music alike. He is very much at home in the collaborative environment having worked as Music Director for The Second City's National Touring company from 2013 through 2015.


Whoever you need

Fixer Jane is that friend or colleague of ours who happen's to be a welder, director, costume designer, chef, politician, drone pilot, grip, actress etc. etc. etc. who adds insight, value, and creativity into your project.

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